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Online Casino Games Inspired By Movies

Online casinos games are as varied as the people who enjoy playing them. And now if you are both a movie and a gaming enthusiast you will definitely fancy some of the online casino games that are based on your favorite movies. They have brought over the top action scenes and special effects from these movies into the slot machines to ensure that you are literally spoilt for choice as a
player. Also, check our the latest games Immortal Creature here.  Below are the best online casino games inspired by movies that you should check out.

Jurassic world slot
Released in mid-2017, Jurassic world slot is based on the dinosaur blockbuster movie of 2015. This slot features four main characters from the movie and dinosaur themes to enhance its aesthetics. Other than the incredible visual effects and animation, the game comes with many amazing features and different ways to win. It has 5 reels, offers 243 different ways to win and has a return-to-player percentage of 96.3%. Moreover, you can benefit from the innovative bonus rounds and it’s available in both desktop and mobile phone versions. If you want to try your luck in the Jurassic World and get some adrenaline, make sure to check casinohub and find out more information about online casinos and their games. You might want to try Jurassic Park and Jurassic World slots!

Rocky slot
Do you remember the legendary movie “Rocky”? Well, truly old is gold and you can now enjoy playing this Playtech online slot which features Sylvester Stallone. When it was first launched, Rocky slot broke the record as one of the most played slot games in most casinos. This slot game allows you to play with very small stakes and features 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. Also, you can leverage the huge paying bonuses that this game has to offer to increase your chances of winning.

Planet of Apes slot
There can only be one king in the Planet of Apes but luckily, the Planet of Apes slot machine game is not limited to a single winner. With the features included in this game, you will never be short of chances to make a reasonable winning combination. This game combines classic bonuses and thematic ideas to add to the thrill. It lacks the progressive jackpot but it comes split across two screens. One side features the Rise of planet apes and the other one the Dawn of the Planet Apes. This is an amazing way to celebrate the two movies at the same time. You can activate the Rise bonus if you are lucky to have the Rise Bonus symbol appear on the first reels.

Scarface Slot
The eponymous Scarface slot is powered by Netent and features 5 reels and 20 pay-lines. It’s designed to ensure that you enjoy the suspenseful sound effects of the classic 80’s film while still providing you with great winning chances. It is definitely worth a spin. Enjoy the many bonuses that are offered by this slot game. They include the nudge spin and the free spins. You are also awarded a bonus game if you land the stacked reel that covers all symbols on reel three. What’s more, it features a jackpot which is up to 2000 times your stake.

The mummy slot
The mummy slot combines quality sound effects and graphics to offer the same level of fun experience featured in the “Mummy” movie of 1999. You can stake as little as 0.05 dollars to a maximum of 1 dollar per pay-line. Like most slot machine games, it features 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. As a player, your main aim is to kill as many mummies as you can and this will determine your payout. The game symbols include high quality images from the cast of the movie such as the scary mummy and the beetles among others. The graphics make the game interesting but the great payout makes it worth a spin.

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Why online casinos have risen in popularity this year in New Zealand

Casinos have been present for some years now, but their popularity is growing in the present years. So do you know why online casinos have risen in popularity this year?  Below are some of the reasons that have contributed to that popularity.

Increase in number of mobile online casino platforms

At the moment, any type of casino available on our mobile phones. These platforms have made it easier for people feel the test of real money casino. They have brought a certain simplicity that was never experienced before. These platforms have broken the barriers that were present in the old casino platforms. In fact, the current mobile online casino platforms come with demos thus giving newbies power to practice before playing a real game with money.

Presence many games in one platform  Apart from mobile platforms, the current online casino is the hub of games. In one simple platform, you will get several games that you can play at will. In one platform you will find many spins slots that people can use to earn real money. For instance, if you visit Casino Testing Club, you will get amazing reviews of games that you can play and the top sites that give fantastic bonuses. On the same platform, you will find best paying game like poker, roulette, and baccarat.

Introduction of several payment methods

Initially, payment methods were limited, and players were forced to wait for decades for their withdrawals to mature. At the moment, there are more than 100 payment methods that can even be used by international online casinos in New zealand. For instance; you can be paid even using your credit card.

Presence of several bonus types

At the moment, any site you visit the first thing you meet is the presence of online casino bonuses. For instance, if you visit Casino Testing Club, you will learn more about sites that give an amazing bonus that earns. The most trending type of bonus at the moment is the deposit bonus where you can earn up to 70 %b of the amount that you deposit. That is also one reason why online casinos New zealand will keep on growing in popularity. Some sites also give members money if they introduce their friends. That also has led to the increase in popularity of online casinos.   Enhanced online security Due to the ability to use credit cards in most online casinos in New zealand, the security of most platforms have been enhanced. All transactions are secure and private. Most online casino sites are very secure and very hard to hack. That has given people confidence to continue playing and inviting new members.


With enhanced and convenient features that come with the current online casinos, several users are attracted thus making online casino popular as the days pass. It is also good to state that, some people have made online casino their fulltime source of income. With no doubt, the online casino will keep on growing in popularity due to the high driving force that is enhanced by best and modern features. Stay tuned and check as these guys have warned us, they will release other exciting games!

Why Online casinos are so popular in Canada

Online Casino better known as internet casino or virtual casino, seems to be the fastest growing online business in Canada as it not only offers you the best gaming experience but delivers you the most reliable and best casino reviews. With the mushrooming of so many casinos these days in Canada, people don’t have to travel to a far-off casino to play their loved games. They are free to enjoy and extract the juice of the tournaments right at the comfort of home.

Virtual Gambling:

Online casinos have come up as the most entertaining and tempting means to check out a number of well-liked casino games under one roof. The internet-based casino offers multiple benefits and advantages. Free internet casino offers some mind-blowing tournaments all throughout the year to lure gaming freaks, offering a plethora of eye-catching prizes and surprises every month. It eliminates a lot of hassles for the gamers making it much easier for them to reach out their preferred game.  Below are some of the reasons why online casinos are so popular in Canada.

Canadian interest rises:

Promotion and Bonuses  The online gambling bonuses in Canada appear to be the most attractive options to select playing online. Such options are not available in any land-based casinos. Here you are offered a range of bonuses like cash back, sign up bonus, deposit match bonus or welcome bonus and lots more. The sign-up or welcome bonuses are meant to attract new players with attractive welcome bonuses. Similarly, cash back bonuses relate to the compensation given to players who lose their money. So at the end of the day, it is always better to get something back in terms of cash back than nothing.

Convenient  One of the notable features of the online free casino in Canada is that it tempts most gaming lovers to switch to gambling online is its convenience factor. With Internet turning to be the most expedient medium nowadays online casino form an essential way, letting a large number of players to gamble with ease and convenience. So whenever and wherever you have access to the internet, you can play your favorite casino games. Just log into a site and get entertained with your preferred casino games. Furthermore, you even can play at multiple casinos in Canada at the same time, but for that, you need to open an account with casinos you are interested in playing.  Endless choice  You just don’t need to stick to a single internet casino in Canada. You can try your luck at multiple casinos on the internet that appear to you most appealing, Try to select those which offer a large variety of games, better odds alongside promotional performances and bonuses. Moreover, with the internet casinos, you will get a choice of more casinos at a time.

What is so unique here is that you can even switch over to one site to another according to your will and wish.  Friendly withdrawal and deposit options  Online casino in Canada comes up with lots of banking options to make your selection easy. There are multiple online casino sites that accept Master and Visa Credit cards for both the deposit and withdrawal purposes. Apart from these, you will also come across some popular options including Ne Teller, wire transfer, Money bookers and more which let you transfer your money easily to and from your casino account. If you wish to know more about the best online casinos that you can play you can visit so that you can get more information.

Mega Moolah Isis – The greatest game of all!

A remake of an Ancient Egyptian Civilization is brought to you in the form of a progressive video slot. Mega Moolah Isis is a 5 reel online video slot from the Microgaming portfolio that offers 25 paylines where you can bask in the riches of the Nile with a wildcard and scatters. Try your luck with Isis to get a chance to win the progressive jackpot! Find this game and more available on Your luck could only be one spin away!

Inspired by the by the goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood, Mega Moolah Isis is an Egyptian Mythology based video slot that allows players to relive the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. With the Mega Moolah brand you can rest assured that you’ll be offered a 10 figure progressive jackpot that will surely have you excited. And if that’s not enough, Mega Moolah Isis is loaded with features that are sure to keep you digging for prized artifacts! The features included are Isis herself playing the wildcard role, where she can be used to replace other symbols, the scatter hawk that will allow free spins and can help trigger the progressive jackpot round at random giving you chance to win up to a massive 1,000,000 jackpot figure.

online casino games

The video slot has a golden bronze look that fits the theme. Inspired by Isis, the goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood, this video slot has custom made symbols that encourage these beliefs to work well with the theme. These symbols include buildings, brooches, canopic jars, Ra, Isis and lotus flowers.  Apart from these symbols you have the traditional high deck of cards.

The highest bet that you can make on Mega Moolah Isis $25 with a coin betting range of $0.01 -0.05 and you can have 20 coins per line, along with a progressive jackpot you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

So, join the goddess of magic and motherhood and enter a world full of ancient wonder that will be rewarding.

Will you cause Max Damage to the new alien attack slot?

The first Max Damage and the Alien Attack slot was innovative for its exciting gameplay that combined arcade-style games playing along with the chance to win big prizes as you took on the role of Max Damage, fending off the invading alien hoard.

In this sequel, Microgaming have reverted back to a familiar slot style offering 5×3 reels and 243-ways to win on this intergalactic slot, that harks back to the glory days of the 80’s arcade.

The new Max Damage slot boasts more than simply space-themed symbols and Max Damage as its central hero, the action takes place both in earth’s upper atmosphere and in deep space as Max takes on another perilous alien threat.

The game is brought to life by outstanding graphics and animations and a thumping soundtrack, inspired by both 80s arcade games and the frantic finale of the first Max Damage game.

In terms of gameplay, the Max Damage slot offers stacked wilds, three-high, across all five reels, which give Max an increased chance of landing a knockout blow. Land 3 or more scatter symbols and you’ll enter the free spins section.

Here you receive 15 free spins and all wins are doubled thanks to a generous 2x multiplier.

However, in free spins, an Alien Spaceship Scatter symbol will appear on each reel. If this lands on the screen, Max lasers will destroy the shop, revealing a fantastic random cash bonus (this bonus is not subject to a 2x multiplier however).

The action is fast and frantic and this exciting follow up slot to the first game is sure to be a hit with slot fans across the galaxy and beyond.

Play Max Damage slot at your favourite Microgaming Luxury online casino soon and you stand a chance of winning the galactic-sized jackpot of 120,000 coins all from a single spin of the reels. Feel free to visit our Danish partner site, which offers this spillemaskine game in Danish as well!

Multiplayer Playboy has landed in NZ casinos!

Ready for some genuine action with Multiplayer Playboy? This newest slot game from Microgaming highlights a 5×3 Reel and 20 fixed paylines. It was inspired from the first Playboy video slot, which is a single-player and it promises to offer an even more challenging experience. Qualifying players will all take part in the Free Spins Bonus feature; to meet the requirements, there’s a Bonus thermometer that players must keep active in Base Game. If you are not based in New Zealand don’t worry, this game is certainly available in your country you just need to check trustworthy website and find out. Check this one : that we found fantastic!

Regarding the bonuses, Playboy Multiplayer has a lot to offer. That Bonus thermometer we were just mentioning will bring a lot of excitement, as the meter get closer and closer to the 90x Free Spin multiplier. To benefit from great rewards, make sure your spin rate is maintained. Otherwise, the multiplier drops. As for the rules of the game, your wins will be multiplied by coin bet per line, excluding Scatter. Playboy Multiplier has fixed lines, and wins pay from left to right, once again excluding Scatter which brings rewards irrespective of alignment.

This slot game is absolutely insane, not just because of the amazing winning chances, but because of the catchy sounds and good-looking avatars. The Wild logo substitutes all symbols excluding the Magazine Scatter; furthermore, the Car Wild symbol replaces all symbols in the Free Bonus feature, also excluding the Magazine Scatter. As far the platform’s design is concerned, Playboy Multiplayer looks pretty sleek. The elegant gaming environment, refined style and beautiful ladies sitting next to the reels will certainly keep players engaged. The smooth, contemporary allure of the platform will dazzle players, and the iconic Playboy logo is in charge of reminding players that they’ve got a high roller status on each and every spin.

Are you ready to give Playboy Multiplayer a chance? Let’s get that thermometer started by spinning the reels as many times as possible. Your 90x Free Spin multiplier is waiting!

Casino Action

Do You Know Why “So Much Sushi” Is So Much Attractive To Play?

Are you looking for more fun playing games with online pokies? Are you waiting for some new exiting and thrilling game with all new installments? The coming month is bringing something extraordinary for you. If you are thinking about new online slots then you in luck. If you are looking for something new without reels, then your wait is finally over. Microgaming has come with a new game for you. Are you ready to take part?

The new pokie is “So Much Sushi”. On every spin, all the sushi makes exciting moves, the music plays to excite the player, and you would want to move your body to the background music of the game. It is very new, and all the features and characters are innovative.

The play line comes with fully packed features and the bonus is one of the brand new features. It offers you the chance to turn an entire reel wild.

The scattered symbol on three or more reels will trigger the free spin game. Between 8 and 12 spin, you have to decide the best bid among others, and you have to select one. If you hit the superlative one, then you get freebies, which boost your balance.

When you play the free mode, you can access a number of features to boost your win. This includes High End Symbols stacked across all the reels known as Super Stacked Wild. This can be stacked up to seven deep and it gives you an unbelievable and incredible chance of landing a winning combo.

There is a jackpot available for you as well. It is a great value game for you. Its gives you advantage if you are playing wonderfully. Even if you are not a very fine player, you do not need to worry because you still have an opportunity for excellent bet.

The game is full of graphics, and you cannot deny the beauty of this game. The extraordinary attractive characters and sweet sound on every hit makes your game even more fun.

At the end of the game, it is your choice to use your balance. It would be totally your decision whether you choose to gamble whether you win or not.

You can play So Much Sushi at any Casino Rewards Casinos such as Yukon Gold Casino with 125 Free Spins or at Captain Cooks Casino with 100 Free Spins!

Captain Cooks Casino

Golden Reef Casino

If you are looking for a top quality desktop-compatible or mobile casino, then finding a good one can be a relief, so why not kick off your shoes and dive into the fantastic world of Golden Reef Casino.

Simply download the casino software (which is 100% guaranteed to be virus and malware free) onto your PC or mobile device and install the software and you are just a few seconds away from one of the best bonus deals you will find on the Internet.

The best thing about Golden Reef’s bonus is that it is so simple to understand and so easy to receive. Simply make your first deposit of up to $100 in your account and Golden Reef will give you the same amount of money in your bonus cash account completely free of charge.

That means, you can start playing on any of the 490+ games at the casino with double your first deposit immediately!

When it comes to casino games too, Golden Reef offers an outstanding selection of games from the Microgaming stable. This includes top quality pokies (including progressive jackpot games), roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video poker and much, much more.

All games are rigorously tested for fairness and eCogra certified to ensure they offer gamers safe and fair gaming.

Best of all, as part of the Casino Rewards Network, customers at Golden Reef are eligible for thousands of dollars worth of additional bonuses throughout their first year as a member.

With our professional Customer Support team available 24/7 and a large number of ways in which you can opt to pay and receive your money, Golden Reef Casino offers desktop, laptop or mobile casino enthusiasts the ideal platform to play.

It only takes two hours to get your free cash bonus after depositing, so what are you waiting for? Grab a snorkel and take a dip into the Golden Reef Casino and you’ll not want to resurface for a long time!

Max Damage and the Alien Attack, an oldie but a goodie!

Why Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a new take on a blast from the past

Many casino patrons of a certain age will remember the first time that arcade games first became popular. Space Invaders was the first real arcade game to capture the imagination and from it, the arcade industry has grown massively since. Arcade games however weren’t really compatible with casinos as there was no winning or losing element. That was until Microgaming released Max Damage and the Alien Attack!

For the first time, lovers of the Microgaming casino series of games and slots can enjoy all the fast and frantic action of their favourite type of shoot-em-up, together with all the fun and trappings of the winning and losing when playing a video slot.

Microgaming’s genius has been to combine elements of both into a single game that is both addictive and enjoyable to play, yet retains the key elements of both an arcade game and an online slot, to make the game appeal to fans of both.

You wager your cash in the game by shooting and exploding one of the attacking alien craft. This costs you whatever wager you have decided. If the ship explodes to reveal a number, then that is how many coins you have won, if the ship reveals no number, then you have lost.

Yet it isn’t quite as simple as that; the ships descend to the bottom of the screen and you have to destroy them before they reach there or you lose a life. You have to dodge bullets and missiles and at the end of levels 3, 6 and 9, if you reach them, you can take on a mighty alien boss to win a bigger sum of money.

The game features plenty of power ups to help you on your quest and winning is both fast-paced and entertaining.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack is Microgaming’s first casino arcade game, but given the combination of fast paced arcade action and fabulous winning potential, we hope it won’t be the last.

Play with Arnie in this month’s new pokie, Terminator 2!

Terminator 2 is a new video slot game, that is high on explosive action. Battles from the movie are replayed, as the spinning reels set the sparks flying. The graphics and visuals will amaze you, and the game has a unique sound track, created specifically for this game. Designed to blend the game and the movie, this draws you deeper into the scene of the action. When you get a bonus round or a winning streak, your gaming action is accompanied by footage straight from the film.

The game includes all of the primary characters from the original Hollywood film. The T-800 is clearly the star of the show here, with a spectacular effect called the T-800 Vision feature. During this episode, the player turns into the Terminator, and sees the reels in a way that it would. Your console initializes, then the screen turns to red with data overlays. Each different character is targeted and shows what reward they are worth. You won’t see this unique feature anywhere else.

Free spins can be triggered by as little as a single scatter. There are 781 additional ways to win during free spins, and if you get a T-1000, then you could be a big winner. As in the movie, this metal killing machine can liquefy and transform itself into anything else, and during free spins, it turns into another character that will give you the biggest win possible.

Features of the game

  • Basic game has 5 x 3 reels, with 243 different ways to win
  • Free spin mode expands this to give you 1024 different ways to win
  • Graphics are delivered in 720p resolution, in a 16:9 widescreen format
  • Based on the Hollywood blockbuster movie, one of the most popular action films of all time
  • Character symbols have unique animations based on the movie
  • T-800 Vision mode shows the game as though the player was the T-800
  • In free spins, the T-1000 transforms to give player the greatest winning combinations possible

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